fat burning injectables (F.B.I.)


These injections given 1- 2 times weekly have been shown to assist in weight loss help by increasing the burning of fats in the body and the liver.  Not only will this help you lose unwanted pounds, but it can also help decrease cholesterol levels by helping the liver to process fats, support liver detoxification, balance hormone levels, and stabilize mood!!!

What is in the F.B.I? It is a combination of amino acids and vitamins that are required by the body for optimal fat burning to occur. They contain: 

Methionine: An essential sulfur containing amino acid.  It acts as an antioxidant, enhances brain function by increasing the production of SAMe, which is used to treat depression.  It also helps support the production of glutathione, a potent antioxidant required by the body for optimal detoxification.

Inositol: Supports optimal fat metabolism. It is important for healthy cell membranes and nerve conduction. Great for mood support by having a calming effect on the nervous system.

Choline: Essential for fat metabolism and healthy liver function.  This nutrient works closely with inositol as a primary component of the cell membrane.

L-Carnitine: Helps the body turn fat into usable energy.

B Vitamins: Necessary for energy production and cellular enzyme function. B Vitamins keep the wheels turning inside the cells. 

The cost per shot is $35. We do offer packages so the more you buy, the more you save!

detox and weight loss 


Infrared Sauna and Heat Lamp

Toxin accumulation is the root cause behind many physical imbalances and disease. This far infrared sauna increases metabolism between blood and tissue which promotes detoxification at a cellular level. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Pain- increases blood circulation and oxygenation to damaged tissues aiding in healing of chronic joint, muscle pain, strains, sprains, and bursitis.
  • Skin- opens clogged pores, healing acne and scars, and loosening dry outer skin.
  • Free of toxic electromagnetic fields
  • Outstanding for colds, flus, bronchitis, asthma,and sinusitis as it clears inflammation and mucous clogged passageways.
  • Promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep and relieves stress.
  • Promotes detoxification which supports good energy and a feeling of wellbeing. 
  • And so many more...


IV Detoxification

There are many ways to detoxify your body and one of them is through IV therapy. To learn more on IV options, click here.

weight loss

What is our Body Sculpting Program?


We are very excited about our very successful Body Sculpting program! So many people struggle with weight loss even when they are doing everything right. It was frustrating to watch patients do all that we asked and still be stuck without losing a pound.

There are three types of fat. The first type is the fat around our organs that we need for cushion and protection. The second type of fat is the kind that we save to use for energy, similar to a checking account that you put money into and take money out of on a regular basis. The third type of fat is the kind that has been put into storage for use in case of an extreme emergency. It is like a savings account, CD or money market account. The problem is that your body locks it away so that you don’t have access to it unless you are literally starving to death.

The great news is that we now know the key to unlocking that account without depleting the other very important types of fat. We finally know how to actually help you lose the weight where you want to. And the Body Sculpting program actually resets the ‘normal’ in your brain to a new lower weight. So in the end, you won’t gain the weight back!


Program Overview


Phase 1 – The Cleanse

By using a detoxification designed specifically for you, we prepare your body to lose weight by eliminating toxins that have already been stored in fat cells. Most people also lose weight during this phase.


Phase 2 – HCG Diet

HCG is a natural hormone used in tiny amounts to unlock those fat stores that you don’t have access to. You do this in combination with a very low calorie diet so that your body will burn up the fat that is being released. The result is a loss of an average of a pound of fat a day (of course results vary based on how much you need to lose).

To make sure you continue to lose fat, not muscle, this is the time we may add in a number of different options. Some of these include nutrient-rich, metabolism-boosting IV’s, B-12 or other fat-burning injections and various energy-improving supplements.


Phase 3 – The Lock In

The most important part of any weight loss is getting it to stick. By following your HCG phase with a period of sugar and starch elimination along with exercise, your body’s “normal” weight will be reset so that you don’t gain the weight back.


Phase 4 – Back to Reality

This is when we help you go back to eating not only a healthy diet but one that is actually right for you, your body and your lifestyle. We will also focus on developing an individualized plan to make sure your you know how to keep your metabolism up.

Disclaimer: The Body Sculpting Program includes an injection of HCG, a drug which has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for the treatment of obesity or weight control.